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The turks

Elena is the most recent addition to the turks. She has a crush on Tseng and takes her job way too seriously. She tries to be as professional as Tseng to impress him. She mayby's a girl but very strong.
Reno is another member of the Turks. He and Rude are good friends, and when they work together they are deadly. He fights with an electromagnetic rod. He is cool
Rude is a member of the turks and really good friends with Reno. He is an expert at martial arts and an expert sniper. He is not good with words and might have a drinking problem. It's just not a party without Rude! Alway's speach less, must not have a lot to say

Sorry i dont have a pic of Tseng thseng

Tseng is the leader of the Turks. He is cold and efficient in all of his assignments. Not one to mess with.