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News and updates

Sorry for the spelling no time to correct

1-29-98 I started a bit on my limit break section so far its cool, check it out. Ok I got a counter, decent one,and I am in 4 web rings. I made my midi page I got 3 songs so far. I got a message board ask all you questions there thats why its there.

2-1-98 I made a sephiroth and a final fantasy tactics page. I add a midi to mi midi section i will add another one, sometime today. I am planing to make a webring. But it looks like the webring service is temporarely off line for now. I have 3 dowloadable movies in my ff tactics section and a got like 5 pics of the game and the music of a battle on my page. I am planing to get more pics but for now its ok. I got a message board to check it out go down on this page sak all your questions there

2-7-98 I have frames, I learned to use the those frames, and now my page is cool.


My message board ask question, answer questions thats why its there.

------------------>!!!!!FF7 MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!! <--------------------